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Xenon Ballast 1307329153 for BMW E92 X5 E70 X6 Mini

Xenon Ballast 1307329153 for BMW E92 X5 E70 X6 Mini

  • Brands: Lunar Lumen
  • Product Code: 130732915301
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  • £42.99

High quality OEM 130732915301 Xenon Ballast Control Unit ECU / OE Replacement Part.

We strongly recommending use this ballast only with original Philips or Osram xenon bulbs, as the poor quality bulbs can burn the ballast.


Brand: OEM

Manufacturer part numbers: 1307329153, 130732915301, 1307329193.

Compatible with: D1S, D1R xenon bulbs.

Input Voltage: DC 12V.

Rated Lifetime: DOT 2000h.

Fitment: Fits to left or right front headlights.

Plug & Play.

Warranty: 1 year.

Warranty Information:

Most common reason for control unit ballast failure is water damage. If your headlight is damaged and not sealed properly and is not 100% waterproof, there might be water inside, and you can easily damage ballast again, so you may need to fix your headlight or buy a new one, prior to installing new control ballast.

We take no responsibility for water damaged control ballasts, and will not issue a refund or take unit back, as this is your responsibility to properly check your headlight before ballast installation.

Compatible with following cars:

BMW 6 Series

  • E63 M6 Coupe.
  • E63 645Ci Coupe, N62
  • E63N 650i Coupe, N62N.
  • E64 M6 Convertible, S85.
  • E64 645Ci Convertible, N62 E64N.
  • 650i Convertible, N62N.

BMW X5 Series

  • E70 X5 3.0si SUV, N52N.
  • E70 X5 3.5d SUV, M57N2.
  • E70 X5 4.8i SUV, N62N.
  • E70N X5 35dX SUV, M57N2.
  • E70N X5 35iX SUV, N55.
  • E70N X5 50iX SUV, N63.

BMW X3 Series

  • E83N X3 3.0i SUV, N52N.
  • E83N X3 3.0si SUV, N52N.

BMW 3 Series

  • E90 M3 Sedan, S65.
  • E90N M3 Sedan, S65.
  • E92 328i Coupe, N52N.
  • E92 328i Coupe, N51.
  • E92 328xi Coupe, N51.
  • E92 328xi Coupe, N52N.
  • E92 335i Coupe, N54.
  • E92 335xi Coupe, N54.
  • E92 M3 Coupe, S65.
  • E92N M3 Coupe, S65.
  • E93 328i Convertible, N52N.
  • E93 328i Convertible, N51.
  • E93 335i Convertible, N54.
  • E93 M3 Convertible, S65.
  • E93N M3 Convertible, S65.

Mini Cooper

  • R52 Cooper Convertible, W10.
  • R52 Cooper S Convertible, W11.
  • R55 Coop.S JCW Clubman, N14.
  • R55 Cooper Clubman, N12.
  • R55 Cooper S Clubman, N14.
  • R55N Coop S JCW Clubman, N18.
  • R55N Coop S JCW Clubman, N14.
  • R55N Cooper Clubman, N16.
  • R55N Cooper S Clubman, N18.
  • R56 Coop.S BEV Coupe, I15.
  • R56 Coop.S JCW Coupe, N14.
  • R56 Cooper Coupe, N12.
  • R56 Cooper S Coupe, N14.
  • R56N Coop.S JCW Coupe, N18 .
  • R56N Coop.S JCW Coupe, N14.
  • R56N Cooper Coupe, N16.
  • R56N Cooper S Coupe, N18.
  • R57 Coop.S JCW Convertible, N14.
  • R57 Cooper Convertible, N12.
  • R57 Cooper S Convertible, N14.
  • R57N Coop.S JCW Convertible, N18.
  • R57N Coop.S JCW Convertible, N14.
  • R57N Cooper Convertible, N16.
  • R57N Cooper S Convertible, N18.
  • R58 Coop.S JCW Coupe, N14.
  • R58 Coop.S JCW Coupe, N18.
  • R58 Cooper Coupe, N16.
  • R58 Cooper S Coupe, N18.
  • R59 Coop.S JCW Roadster, N14.
  • R59 Coop.S JCW Roadster, N18.
  • R59 Cooper Roadster, N16.
  • R59 Cooper S Roadster, N18.

Direct replacement for existing burned or faulty AL Bosch ballast.